"Our aim is to help ethnic minorities within Mid & East Antrim Borough Council area integrate, and to promote their cultures in the local community."

We provide a link between minorities and statutory and voluntary bodies, as well as community groups.
We ensure the equitable delivery of services, promoting equality for all, strengthening good relations, capacity building and raising awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.
We are currently the only organisation supporting BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Communities in Mid and East Antrim.
Fundamentally, our work allows members of minority communities to see themselves as integral citizens of Northern Ireland.

How can we help you?

We provide free advocacy services concerning everyday problems, including:

Community safety & personal safety.
Help and support in cases of racial discrimination and harassment.
Assistance with vehicle insurance, tax and MOT.
Help and support in dealing with government agencies.
Help with employment issues.
Help with filling out forms.
Help with claiming benefits.
Help and information for new immigrants.