Stronger Together

The Stronger Together Network began as an informal network of organisations who work predominantly with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The key outcomes of the group were increased sharing of information and identification of partnership opportunities.

In 2012, the network successfully applied for funding to allow the network to become more formalised and structured. There are currently over 150 members representing BME Organisations and Groups, BME individuals, Community Sector, Volunteer Sector and Public Service Sector.

The three key aims are to:

  • Share information and knowledge
  • Provide a useful and central shared resource to connect service providers within the sector
  • Identify new opportunities for partnership and innovation

We are doing that through a number of mediums including:

  • The development of a website for service providers which will allow easy access to region specific information about upcoming events, new research, best practice resources and programs, funding opportunities and policy information
  • Annual conference providing workshops and presentations on themes specific to the sector
  • Weekly E-Alerts including (but not limited to) information from members about local events, program updates, call for support, and professional development opportunities
  • Quarterly professional development seminars and workshops for members on topics identified as relevant to the sector

Becoming a Member

The Stronger Together Network is made up of individual members representing a variety of sectors,

organisations, networks, cultural groups and communities.

We welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more about or keeping up to date with:

  • News;
  • Events;
  • Policy changes;
  • New research;
  • Funding opportunities; and
  • Existing projects;

related to the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Northern Ireland.

Membership is FREE, it just requires taking 10mins to complete the Stronger-Together-Membership-form and email back to

For more information please visit

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